If you use a cane to get around and you want to move around a bit faster, a wheelchair might be a great option. You might not want to buy one or your insurance provider might not approve one, you can always look into renting a wheelchair. They will be useful in situations when you want to move faster than walking with a cane.

If you are going on longer trips, a wheelchair might be a better option. You risk of falling is increased the longer you walk around in a big city using a cane, since people will tend to bump into you. If you use a wheelchair, this will not be a concern.


Wheelchair Rentals: Easier than your think


Inexpensive Wheelchairs are Out There

Renting a wheelchair is fairly cheap. Check with your healthcare provider to see if they would cover the cost of a rental if they didn’t provide a permanent chair. It might be tough to adjust to the wheelchair at first, but your safety should be your priority.

Some hotels actually provide wheelchair rentals if you are on vacation. Some do charge a fee but quite a few of them offer the wheelchair free of charge. The free rentals are usually at the higher end hotels that want you to have the best time possible while keeping you safe at the same time.

You can always check with the hotel to see if they offer wheelchairs for rent. If they don’t do the actual rental, they can point you in the right direction.

Online Rentals for Wheelchairs

If there are no places in town that offer wheelchairs for rent, your next best option would be to look for rentals online. In just a few mouse clicks you should be able to find a number of rental locations. Be sure to try out the wheelchair before renting it.

The mobility of the chair is just as important as its comfort. There are always other options if you try one that that doesn’t move as freely as you like.

There are many places that provide the use of wheelchairs and lift chairs for free across the country. This is worth checking out before you head out on our trip and it can save you quite a bit of money.


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