If you noticed that your wheelchair is pulling to the right or left side, there is probably something wrong with a component that needs to be tweaked.

The most obvious thing to look at when the chair is pulling to either side is if the rear wheel axle is trued and straight and not bent which would cause the chair to pull to one side. You can also check the tire pressure and whether the rim is loose to figure out why the chair is going toward one direction.

Wheelchair Pulling to the Left or Right

Other Reasons for Balance Issues

One neat trick to find out if a rear wheels are bent is if you have quick release wheels you can actually switch the rims from one side to the other, to see whether the chair still pulls to the same side or whether the pull is to the opposite side. If anything this would eliminate the rear wheels being the issue, which is very common as a reason for this problem.

A more serious issue would be if you find out that your wheelchair frame is bent. If this is the case, you should contact a local wheelchair or bike shop to see if they are able to straighten the frame. If this is not a possibility, the best bet would be to contact the manufacturer in order to find out if there is anything they can do to help your issue.

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