Plastic Removable Clothes Guard/ Skirt Guards.

Pros About Wheelchair Clothes Guards

There are some advantages to having a clothes guard on your chair, you can keep your clothes from becoming lodged in the rear wheels of your wheelchair. Wheelchair clothes guard acts as a barrier and protects the wheelchair user from pebbles and debris that may bounce off the wheel and hit the user.

Wheelchair clothes guard helps keep the user’s clothes from rubbing up against the rear tires of the wheelchair.  For some users a clothes or skirt guard may be necessary for everyday use, they keep your skirt or clothing from getting caught in the rear wheels, which can save you from a lot of time wasted and frustration.

There is a large variety of clothes guards available online, some allow you to flip back the component in order to easily transfer in and out of the chair. There is other guards that allow you to remove the component without having to use tools in the process.

What is a Wheelchair Clothes Guards?

A wheelchair clothes guard is a device that is used to prevent the wheelchair user from becoming stuck to the rear wheels. Some wheelchairs come standard with the clothes guard and there is also other chairs that allow you to choose the clothes guard as an option.

Manual wheelchairs are the primary type of chair that is used with a clothes guard, since it is the user propelling themselves, the guard would prevent the user from catching the rear wheel with their clothes. Wheelchair skirt guards come in a variety of colors and sizes, you can get a skirt or clothing guard that matches the color of your wheelchair, you can also buy a guard that fits your measurements.

Cons About Wheelchair Clothes Guards

Clothes guards can be extremely beneficial for some users, but may also cause other related problems with your wheelchair. One of the bad things about clothes guards is that the component may add weight to your overall frame weight. Some wheelchairs are less compatible than others when it comes to skirt guards, sometimes the guard must be removed in order to be able to fold the chair properly.

Some users may be impeded from completing a comfortable wheelchair transfer, this is because some guards do not have a flip back or easy to remove mechanism to remove the guard while transferring. Some wheelchair clothes guards allow the user to make a transfer from their chair, but may not allow the user to fold the wheelchair into a tight compact shape because the clothes guard may be in the way.

Another reason a clothes guard can be a problem for some users is because the component itself must be installed using mounting hardware onto the sides of the chair.


Barrier From Flying Debris

Clothes guards can act as a defense system against recoiling debris and wet climates.

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May Have To Be Removed To Transfer

You may be required to remove the guard to facilitate a transfer.

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Do I Require a Clothes Guard?

For some users it may be necessary to buy a skirt guard.

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