A wheel chair carrier transports manually operated wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and scooters in a vehicle and using these tips can help you chose one that is right for you! This is an essential part of mobility for any wheelchair user as it eases the ability to travel.

The wheelchair carrier can be attached at the rear of the vehicle, stored in the trunk or on top of the vehicle. Because of the different options, it is easy to install and travel using any type of vehicle.

Just load your wheelchair into the carrier, secure it and travel knowing that everything is okay. Once you get to your destination, unloading is just as easy.

How to Transport a Wheelchair

In general, there are two alternatives for installation and storage of a wheelchair on your vehicle. If you do not want your carrier visible, the first option will store your wheelchair inside the back of a vehicle or the trunk. However, if you don’t mind the carrier being visbile or do not have the space inside your vehicle, the second option will attach the back of the vehicle

There are four styles of wheel chair carriers, each with their own benefits. The first version is the automatic car-top carrier, which is operated with switches and has a motor driven hoist. These types of lifts are most suitable for manual wheelchairs and the car must be able to accommodate the size and weight of your chair.

Rear Bumper Carrier for Chairs

The bumper-mounted carrier is the second type. Holes have to be drilled into the bumper to accommodate the wheelchair. Even though it attaches to the rear of the car, its easy to remove to allow access to the trunk. The third style is the hitch mounted carrier which tips downward to load and unload the chair. Because of this movement, the unit is locked securely when the wheelchair is mounted.

The fourth style is the pickup carrier. As the name suggests, this is used on pickup trucks. An electric lift picks up the wheelchair and stores the folded wheelchair in the bed of the truck.This type of carrier is also suited for transporting power chairs and heavy scooters, supporting a maximum of 350 lbs. These carriers can be very simple to operate the carrier, for instance, a simple push of a button is all this style needs.

Tying Down a Wheelchair in a Vehicle

The platform folds up and offers a handle for straightforward mounting and safekeeping. As a result, the carrier is standard with tie down bands to keep the wheelchair or scooter in position and it even offers an anti-rattle mechanism with lock to guarantee a secure, tight, noiseless fit in the trailer hitch. Additionally, a weatherproof transport cover is available to completely encase the wheelchair or scooter, along with the carrier.

Now you know what the different options are, you can make an informed decision as to which carrier will work best for your lifestyle. However, be sure to take a look at the propducts online and in videos to help with your final decision. Likewise, keep in mind that there are used models that you can get at reduced prices.


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