Karman Healthcare carries personal safety alarms in 4 colors


A personal alarm is used as a self-defense device. When it is activated, it produces an extremely loud sound, which creates an ear-piercing alert.

Not all personal alarms are the same. In the production description, it usually tells you the level or number of the decibel sound. Some may come in a different colors, size, and shape.

The personal alarm is beneficial for everyone because it can startled or disoriented an attacker with its extremely loud siren sound. This will also cause a scene that the attacker might be concern about how much attention it will be getting and stop the attack from happening.

You may wonder, how effective are personal alarms? Most of the time it is effective and it depends on the situation. If the attacker grabs hold of the personal alarm, there might be a possibility the victim is injure or hurt from the process.

Personal alarms are still a worth while item to have because it allows the attacker to retreat the attack. It is still a good self-defense device to carry, along with a pepper spray.

Not only are personal alarms are used for attackers, they are also the perfect device seniors and the disabled. Most alarms are compact and come with a clip to attach to a wheelchair or a purse. This increases the change of being heard when there is an emergency. Also, personal alarms can be used as a travel alarm where you can hang it on the door handles.

To figure out how loud a personal alarm is, below is a list to give you an idea:

  • weak low sound = 0 dB
  • normal conversation at 3-5 ft = 60-70 dB
  • city traffic inside car = 85 dB
  • train whistle at 500 ft. = 90 dB
  • subway train at 200 ft. = 95 dB
  • power mower = 07 dB
  • power saw = 110 dB
  • sound of pain begins = 125 dB
  • air powered riveter at 4 ft. = 125 dB
  • jet engine at 100 ft. = 140 dB
  • loudest sound that can happen = 194 dB


Karman Healthcare carries personal safety alarm that comes in 4 colors! Clip it onto your purse, keys, belt, or wear it as a necklace. It has a simple design and it is easy to use. For more information, click here.