If your disability requires the use of a mobility chair, it is important to choose the best one for you and your lifestyle. Getting the right chair will give you the freedom to go out and enjoy life again. You can get out of the house to enjoy some fresh air and your chair will be the tool to let you get out and about.

Make sure you are aware of all the convenient options available for your wheelchair, so that you can go out in comfort. The seat size and design are probably the most important decision you will need to make. The seat should fit your body the right way and you should be comfortable, not feeling cramped. There are many options to choose from for your wheelchair like the amount of padding in the seat, swivel seat and the ability to electronically change the seat height.

Controlling a Wheelchair

How the chair is going to be steered is very important. Would you prefer the handle bar style of steering? Or does the joystick control make more sense for your lifestyle?  You will have to live with the outcome of your decision, so make sure your choices work best for you.

Should you go with 3 or 4 wheels? It will depend on where and how you are planning to use the scooter. If you plan to use it mostly indoors, a 3 wheeled option might be the best choice since it is smaller and more maneuverable. If you plan to be outside quite a bit or travel a lot, then the heavier and more robust 4 wheeled option might be the better choice.

There are some add ons that you can put on your motorized chair to have it perfectly match your needs. You can add a basket to the front, which will come in handy when shopping. You can get a portable battery charger for those extra-long outings. If you happen to venture out after dark, you can even add headlights and taillights to keep you safe on your nocturnal outings.

Going Outdoors with a Wheelchair

Should your disability require the use of an oxygen tank, there are oxygen tank holders available as add ons and even cane holders. These add ons ensure that you can have all the convenience you need when you are away from home and not have to worry about having to rush back home to get what you need.

The avid outdoors person with a disability can also have their chair fitted with a canopy to protect them from the elements. You can even get special storage compartments that are perfect for packing for an afternoon picnic.

Safety should always be priority for these chairs. A horn is a very useful tool to let people know you are coming. So head out and enjoy the freedom and endless possibilities that you can have with your chair.



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