Secondhand and Used Wheelchairs and Disability Equipment

Do I qualify for a used wheelchair?

Karman Healthcare offers over one hundred types of manual wheelchairs that have an extensive amount of features and options. Some cater to users that are used to traveling constantly, others cater to users who may need to tilt or recline for comfort and health related issues.

Our Wheelchair Categories are Manual Wheelchairs, which include Ergonomic Wheelchairs, Ultra Light Wheelchairs, Light Wheelchairs, Transport Wheelchairs, Standard Wheelchairs, Recliner Wheelchairs, Tilting Wheelchairs, Active or Sports Chairs, Bariatric or Heavy Duty chairs, and pediatric or kids wheelchairs.

Should I buy a Used Wheelchair?

Used wheelchairs have their pros and cons when considering to purchase one of them. When purchasing a Used Wheelchair you should research information regarding the particular wheelchair to figure out if it is a reasonable options to aid your needs. If you are buying a Used Wheelchair, you should check if the wheelchair has been worn out by the previous user.

You should check if the wheels on the chair are bent, loose or out of place. You may want to check if the frame is still in working condition, check the components and also check the cross brace below the seat of the chair. You should also look for any wear and tear on the upholstery of the wheelchair. There are many reasons why you would want to purchase a second hand wheechair, if you are on a strict budget and do not have a proper insurance policy, then buying a used wheelchair may be something you want to look into.

Some companies provide used wheelchairs that are out of the box, meaning that they have not been used by a person, the box was opened and now they must sell it as an open box used wheelchair. This type of wheelchair is actually a New Wheelchair where the box was opened or the wheelchair was removed from the box, but it does not have any wear.

Problems With Used Wheelchairs

There are many problems that come with buying a Used Wheelchair, some of these problems are outlined below. You can encounter problems with a Second Hand Wheelchair because it has been used by a previous owner. Depending on how they treated their chair will tell you if the purchase is worth the price.

Another issue you may have with a used wheelchair is that the lifetime of the wheelchair will not be the same as if you were buying a brand new wheelchair. This means that the chair has a long enough usage from the previous owner, that there is noticeable wear on the frame and upholstery as well.

Should I Buy a Used Wheelchair?

Choose between a used wheelchair or a brand new chair.

Contact us for more information regarding our brand new wheelchairs.

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