Even though most people go for manual wheelchairs since they are inexpensive, powered or electric wheelchairs are getting more popular because they are so much easier to use.

Travel Further with a Power Wheelchair

Save Your Energy

If you still have good upper body strength, then a manual wheelchair might work for you but having to push it all day can get tiring. A power wheelchair can help you to conserve your energy and gives you a chance to rest your upper body.

They are battery powered which makes moving them around very simple and you can go much further than you can with a manual wheelchair.

Ride in Comfort

Power wheelchair are designed to give you a comfortable ride all day long while giving your body the proper support it needs. You might be sitting in one spot for long periods of time and the electrical wheelchair will let you sit comfortably in those situations.

Manufactured with cushioned seats, arm and back rests and if needed head rests, you will enjoy the comfort more than in a regular wheelchair that doesn’t have any kind of padding.

Traversing Different Terrains

When it comes to choosing your power wheelchair, you will need to take the terrain you will be traveling over most often into account. You can get to and from rooms within your home much faster with an electric wheelchair compared to a regular wheelchair. You can easily traverse different terrains, not something that can easily be done with a manual wheelchair.

Going over uneven surfaces and up inclines is much easier with an electric wheelchair.

Travel Further

Once you are using a manual wheelchair, you need to propel yourself or have someone to push you. Either way, pushing the weight of your body can be taxing or without upper body strength, you won’t be able to go too far. With an electric powered wheelchair, you can travel up inclines without a problem and it allows you to travel longer distances than you ever thought possible.

Some wheelchairs actually have batteries that recharge as they move, but most batteries are charged at home or in the car. However you do your charging be sure you have enough power before heading out on long journeys!


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