When you first attempt to transfer from the floor to the chair:

When you first attempt a transfer from the floor the wheelchair seat, it is easier if you use other things for support in between the floor and the chair.

Something like a couch can be used as a middle support device to allow you to easily transfer from the floor to the chair.

Practice Going From The Floor To Chair

So you would go from the floor to a coach to be leveled with the wheelchair seat. You can also use the cushion of a couch by removing it from the couch and placing it on the floor to allow you to use another step before going from floor directly to the chair.

This is the easiest way to practice going from the floor to the wheelchair. From there you can start doing direct to chair transfers. You can also try this, sit down with your legs in front of you; you will need to bend your knees so that they are near your chin.

Wheelchair Transfer

You will now need to place the wheelchair in front of your feet. You may now walk hands forward so you are balanced, and finally pull yourself up onto the wheelchair seat. At first, this direct from floor to seat strategy will be difficult, it is better to try the first way of transferring explained on this page.

It is better to struggle on your own for a while if attempting this type of transfer, rather than seeking help you should independently learn how to go from the floor to the chair.


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