The folding wheelchair is a type of manual wheelchair that can be collapsed. The biggest advantage of these types of wheelchairs is that they are easy to transport and store. It comes on both lightweight and heavy-duty models but the folding, locking and reinforcing parts usually make them heavier than the rigid wheelchair.

Most folding wheelchairs have an x-frame that enables it to collapse sideways, which makes it ideal for storing and not taking up too much space. Once the folding chair is collapsed, it can be stored in a car trunk. A larger or more complicated mode of transport is not needed in this case.

The Features of the Folding Wheelchair

Adjustable Components for Wheelchairs

The frame of the folding wheelchair is flexible compared to the rigid wheelchair. On uneven surfaces, the folding wheelchair is more stable than the rigid one. This is due to all four wheels remaining on te ground and the frame flexes to adjust to the uneven surface. However, the downside is that they are less stable on floor surfaces that are hard.

The folding chair has more adjustable parts that allow it to collapse for easy storage but these parts can break or wear down fairly easily and they have to be replaced fairly often. Therefore, the maintenance on a folding wheelchair is higher compared to a rigid-framed wheelchair.

Folding Wheelchairs are designed to be Flexible

Since folding wheelchairs are flexible, they tend to absorb energy, which makes them harder to push, and maneuver compared to rigid wheelchairs. The flexible body absorbs much of the force used for pushing.  They are also heavier and not as strong and durable as rigid frame wheelchairs.

Some activities such as playing sports or any kind of athletic activity should be avoided when using a folded wheelchair. The ability to fold had to concede some features such as strength and stability. The features that make the folding wheelchair a great choice in some situations also make it less stable and less robust.

Main Advantages of Folding Wheelchair

For most cases, folding wheelchairs are not designed for self-propulsion and are best suited for those with little or no upper body strength and the uses can range from the very young to the very old. Individuals who have good upper body strength are better off with a rigid frame wheelchair.

The main advantages of the folding wheelchair are its portability and ability to store easily. It is also more convenient for caregivers to lift, stow and transport even though it might be a bit heavier than the rigid frame wheelchair. The ability to fold and store easily make them great for smaller living spaces as well as vehicles that have smaller capacity.


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