Cleaning a wheelchair can be challenging but not as challenging as having to live in one. Most wheelchairs usually offer maximum comfort for those who use them for daily activities. But you can’t avoid grime and it often goes deeper than just regular stains.

Techniques for Cleaning a Wheelchair

You will often come across cuts, notches, bits of turf, streaks of rubber and other spots of dirt. The following techniques can be used to prevent and minimize these messes:

1. Protect the Walls

The most effective way to guard the walls is to use plastic moulding. You have the nail-on or stick-on options.

2. Get A Second Wheelchair

To protect the flooring inside your house from dirt tracks, you might want to consider a wheelchair for indoor uses only. Although they might take up quite a bit of space, dealing with dirt all through your home isn’t appealing either. Dirt from wheels can wreak havoc on carpeting or any kind of flooring. If you have a wheelchair just for indoor use, you can avoid rubber marks.

These pre-emptive tricks are great but eventually you will have to deal with the stains and marks mentioned earlier. The following solutions can be used for cleaning your wheelchair:

3. Glass Cleaning Solution

Glass cleaner is great for removing rubber marks on the floor. The rubber marks are basically a small build up therefore use a plastic scrubber or a damp clean cloth based on the kind of flooring.

If there are rubber marks on the carpet, you might need to get it professionally cleaned. Some carpets can be cleaned using baking soda with hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol and various other solutions.

4. Even WD-40 Will Work

WD-40 is great for removing stains and cleaning most surfaces. But some flooring can be damaged by this greasy liquid. Keep in mind that floors cleaned with WD-40 might be slippery for a while.

You just need a small amount and you should clean up the area after you get rid of the marks. A good absorption cloth is perfect for this. A damp cloth with a few drops of rubbing alcohol also works well.

5. The Most Expensive and Effective Cleaning Solution

You can get special cleaning solutions from your wheelchair supplier, but these sprays can be fairly expensive. If you are fairly mobile, homemade cleaning solutions work great too. If the marks are really bad, you can always use the services of a professional cleaning company.


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