No one wants to catch a cold or flu, especially if you are a wheelchair user. This can compound the problem even more. It is more difficult to keep your lungs and bronchial tubes clear compared to regular people. There is also an increased risk of pneumonia occurring. It is vital you do whatever it takes not to catch the cold or flu in the first place.

Remaining In Good Health
When you are healthy, your immune system is at its strongest. You can boost your resistance to bacteria and viruses my maintaining a regular workout routine and eating a healthy diet.

Your physio therapist or doctor can recommend the appropriate exercises for your circumstances. Water exercises are a great option for wheelchair users. There are many sports that have been adapted for wheelchair purposes that you might also enjoy.

Being under stress can lower your body’s resistance, but doing meditation or an activity that relaxes you can be very helpful. Deep breathing exercises will help to maintain clear lungs.

Consult with your doctor or nutritionist regarding a diet that will help you to maintain your ideal weight.

Use Immunizations To Protect Yourself

Flu vaccines can change from one year to the next but it is very important that you get your flu shot. If you are unsure where to get your vaccine or if you have trouble paying for it, contact your local Multiple Sclerosis Society or Muscular Dystrophy Association for help.

Consult with your doctor regarding the pneumonia shot. Most of them recommend getting it every 5 years.

Minimize Your Exposure

Be sure to inform your family and loved ones that catching a cold or flu is a big problem for you. Kids always come home with bugs from school or if you have a personal care assistant, they can easily transmit germs to you.

Request that your assistant get the flu shot. If your caregiver does get sick and there is no one else to help you out, have them wear a mask and you should wear one too. Washing of hands on a regular basis is vital for everyone including you.

How To Handle A Cold Or The Flu If You Do Get Sick

Stay home and get some rest. You can go out again a day after your fever is gone. Drink lots of water and ingest lots of vitamin C. Ask your doctor about an expectorant to maintain clear lungs.
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