Wheelchair users can often get glares and funny looks when they are out and about in public places. For whatever reason, able-bodied people tend to act funny or strange when they are around someone who is wheelchair bound.

To avoid this awkward social situation, we are going to touch on some of the rules of etiquette when you are interacting with someone who is in a wheelchair. So where do you go to find such info? A quick Google search will bring you back more info than you know what to do with, but most of it should be helpful anyhow.

Treated like Everyone Else

At the top of the rules of etiquette for interacting with those who are in wheelchairs or power chairs if NOT to focus on their disability. You should focus on the person instead. Next on the rules of etiquette list is the act of shaking hands, even if they have limbs that are restricted in use.

This well meaning gesture will set the tone of the interaction and put the wheelchair user at ease. When interacting with someone in a wheelchair, don’t lean on or rock their wheelchair.

Disability Etiquette is Important to Learn

Don’t push it unless they ask you to. An electric or manual wheelchair might appear to be an inanimate object, however in reality the wheelchair is an extension of When you interact with someone in a wheelchair, talk to them like you would talk to any able bodied person.  With their natural curiosity, kids should be allowed to ask questions of people in wheelchairs.

Being open and honest with them will help to relieve some of their fear and will help them to develop the right attitude towards wheelchair users. Want more info on wheelchair etiquette? Check out the wheelchairnet.com website for much more.

If you don’t know, GOOGLE IT!

Talking to wheelchair users is very easy, but there are times when able bodied people have questions regarding exactly how to interact with someone who is wheelchair bound.

There are rules of etiquette that you might be totally unaware of, so doing a quick Google search will give you a wealth of info on how to properly interact with someone who is wheelchair bound, if they are in a manual wheelchair or a power wheelchair.

Knowing these etiquette rules will greatly improve your interactions with a wheelchair bound person and it will also put them at ease with you.


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