Opportunities for Wheelchair users to participate in sports are growing every year. There are known and proven studies that state that wheelchair users who participate in sports on a regular basis, are bound to get health benefits from those activities.

Even though there are health benefits for wheelchair users who participate in sporting activities, there are growing number of sports related and fatigue injuries.

Many experts have looked into finding out the reason why wheelchair athletes suffer from sports related and overuse injuries. It has been stated that injury patterns for wheelchair users closely resemble that of athletes who do not use a wheelchair.

Meaning that the average non-wheelchair athlete more than likely has the same chance of obtaining an injury than a wheelchair athlete would. For that reason, injuries should be taken just as serious as when other athletes suffer from it.

Health Benefits of Sports Participation
Wheelchair sports have been around long enough where there are some ideas that are already well established. This includes the general consensus that participating in sports while using a wheelchair has great health benefits that improves the user’s physical shape and psychological health. Participating in wheelchair related sports has shown that those who are active on a wheelchair have a better health condition than those that are not active at all.

When it comes to psychological effects that wheelchair related sports have on a person, there is a lot more to be explained. It helps users counter depression; they are also more adept at social activities. They can also be more successful in life when it comes to being active on a wheelchair.


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