Quantum wheelchairs refer to a rehab power wheelchair brand that offers a mid wheel version for wheelchair users. The brand itself has a lot of different features and accessories to choose from, this allows the user to customize the chair until it fulfill their daily needs.

When shopping for these chairs, you will need to start with the base frame, you can pick from a ton of different colors, most likely you will find your favorite color offered. In order to qualify for one of these chairs you will need to get an approved prescription from your doctor or a certified ATP agent.

Some users may find it difficult to get a hold of one easily, because their insurance may not deem necessary.

Quantum Chairs and Computer Models

Quantum chairs can be thought of as a computer in terms of buying options. You can get the basic model, which would suit your basic needs, but it may not completely fulfill your long-term needs. That is why you can add-on a bunch of different components and accessories to make the chair more suited to your daily needs.

One of these upgradeable parts is the joystick that comes with the chair. The joystick can be upgraded to have a larger screen. Enhanced horn volume, and beefier controller frame to prevent damage.


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