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Frog Legs Shock Absorber Suspension


FROG LEGS Suspension/FRO

(available for S-105,115,106,305)

  • Absorbs 76% of Jolts & Vibrations. Lighter and 10 x stronger than
  • traditional fork. Comes with 6” x 1 ¼” Casters.
  • Great for active users wheelchair!
  • User benefits from having shock absorbers installed
  • already when they receive they’re chair.
  • Shock absorbing fork, absorbs 76% of jolts &
  • vibration that affect the ride of users wheelchair
  • Replaces the rigid caster forks that come standard with wheelchair.
  • Lighter & 10 times stronger than traditional caster forks.
  • Lowers floor-to-seat height to 18”
  • Comes with 6”x1” solid flat free polyurethane front casters
  • Available in black aluminum
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Supports weight ranges from: 120-160 lbs
  • (PSG35F60) & 160-220 lbs (PSG35F61)

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