An individual, who may be at physical disadvantage, is in an event of an attack,  should have a non lethal self defense item that can help them escape from danger. He or she may not have the capability to help protect them but is left with using non-lethal self-defense items. Seniors citizens are often seen as an easy target for attackers due to their lack of capability of physically defending themselves.

There are many devices for senior citizens to protect themselves. Nothing is safer and easier to use than a personal alarm. They are safe and can be as effective as pepper spray. A personal alarm emits a loud sound by pressing a button or pulling off the top piece. A sound of 130 decibels  is similar to standing in the front section of a rock concert show. The volume is loud enough to startle an attacker. Also, it is something that an attacker does not want to be an attention to. With the loud sound, it also lets nearby people to catch their attention so they are aware what is going on.

If you’re a senior citizen who is interested in carrying a personal safety alarm for extra security, check out this personal safety alarm. It has a minimalist design and it is easy to use. Personal safety alarms are great for all ages and can be used in different lifestyles.