Coping with a broken foot might have many unexpected drawbacks. From being constantly on the go to having limited mobility, this seemingly small injury can put a damper on your everyday life. It can take up to 3 months before you are able to put weight on the foot again to begin walking.

needing wheelchair after broken foot

Here are a couple of tips that will help you through your broken foot episode:

  • Keep moving around; don’t just spend the next 6 weeks waiting out the injury. Do as much as your daily routine as possible, getting dressed, wash, putting on makeup etc. You will feel much better about yourself having done these simple everyday things.
  • Stay positive. Even though it is a tough time try to find positive aspects in the situation.
  • Plan ahead. If you need something from another room especially the kitchen, really think about what you need or you will have to make extra trips.
  • Don’t use a garbage bag and duct tape when you have to shower! Cast protectors work great and they are not expensive, plus you won’t have to worry about ripping your hair or skin off every time you shower.
  • Get a plastic foot stool to sit on when you shower.
  • Make sure where you spend most of your time is as comfortable as possible and you have access to all you will need from that spot for extended periods, remotes, meds, phone etc. Make sure you have enough cushions to comfortably elevate your leg.
  • If you have hard floors like laminate or wood, use a computer chair to scoot around.
  • Take care of your hands if you are using crutches or pushing yourself around in a wheelchair. Wheelchair gloves work great for either of those situations. Be sure to moisturize your hands to prevent hard skin from developing.
  • If there is no toilet on the level where you spend most of your time, consider getting or borrowing a commode.
  • Watching TV all day can become depressing quickly. Get some box sets, good books or audio books from your local library.
  • Do exercises to strengthen your arms, like lifting small weights. You will be needing stronger arms to move about better.
  • Consider investing in, renting or borrowing a wheelchair, especially if you plan on going shopping, to the movies, dining out etc. You can find some fairly inexpensive ones online that will do the job for the 3 months you are off your feet.

These tips will help you with the day to day living with your broken leg. Try to keep a positive attitude and maybe even write about some of the humorous or interesting things you did to cope will help you pass the time quickly.


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