If you have poor balance or find walking up and down the staircases challenging, transporting overweight items might be yet another problem. With mobility devices like elevators, stair lifts and dumbwaiters to assist you however, transporting heavy objects doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.


An elevator is certainly the priciest installment you can make at your residence in relation to wheelchair accessibility and transporting heavy objects. However, it is also the most pleasing and is an effective way of going from one level to the next much simpler for wheelchair users especially.

Most suitable for bigger residences, these kinds of elevators will take up lots of room therefore, it helps by having the space to spare. Rather than putting in an elevator to just move heavy items from one level to the next, you should think about a dumbwaiter as an alternative. Yet, if you need to move with the heavy items in your lap on your wheelchair, an elevator continues to be the best option.

Stair Lifts

An effective way of going up and down staircases at your convenience without overexerting yourself, a stair lift is an excellent tool for making sure you remain safe and can be an extremely useful apparatus for moving heavy items.
A great idea for removing the anxiety about tripping and tumbling down staircases, the stair lift will be a convenient option for any person that will need to move groceries, laundry clothes or any other thing up or down staircases. The stair lift will save your energy, and it could provide you with the self-sufficiency you want to feel free while having no reason to depend on anyone to assist you up and down the staircases.


Instead of moving with your overweight items, you could as an alternative install a dumbwaiter in your house to make transport of things more convenient. A dumbwaiter calls for a shaft in which it can go up and down the levels in the house and will typically operate using an electric pulley system.
The lift is perfect for items but not a person, but is an effective means of ensuring your overweight or cumbersome objects can be transferred from one level to the next within the house. For instance, you can send your dirty clothes down to the laundry room in the basement, go downstairs to gather it, and not have to take it on your own or make multiple trips!


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