You don’t have to put off the joys of traveling with friends and family because you have to use a wheelchair. If you love traveling don’t let being in a wheelchair hold you back. This is where you can benefit from the use of a lightweight transport wheelchair. They are less expensive than regular wheelchairs, since they are smaller and easier to make. A lightweight transport wheelchair is more convenient than a regular wheelchair in certain situations.

It is much easier to store and to move from one spot to another. They usually weigh less than 35 lbs. Some are made of ultra strong and lightweight titanium. Regular wheelchairs are usually made of heavier steel or aluminum and have more parts which also add to the weight. They are useful around the house and while on vacations. Lightweight wheelchairs have become so useful, you no longer need to have two different chairs, the light weight chair can be used for all of your mobility needs.

Transport Wheelchairs are Designed to be Easy to Use

Lightweight transport wheelchairs are very easy to store because they are much more compact compared to the standard wheelchair. Their easily adjustable structures makes this wheelchair fit into corners easily. The arms and foot rests fold in to make it even more compact.

Some lightweight wheelchairs can also recline a bit, which is great if the user is in the chair for extended periods. You don’t have to be in one upright position anymore, it can be adjusted to a position that is most comfortable for you.

There are many optional features you add-on to this kind of wheelchair, but the biggest benefit is its light weight and ease of transportation.  You can even get models where the wheels are removable, making it even easier to store or travel with. Mobility is another major advantage of the lightweight wheelchair. They are easier to push for either the user or anyone pushing the user even if it is just on a leisure walk.

Traveling with a Featherweight Transport Chair

You can save time and money with lightweight transport wheelchairs. If you happen love traveling, you no longer have to struggle with getting your wheelchair packed for a trip. You can be spontaneous on your vacation and get going easily without any hassles.

These wheelchairs make life much easier for you and your traveling companions. Now all you have to do is to relax and enjoy your vacation and not feel left out because of your disability.


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