The objective of a wheelchair is to provide more independence and freedom to individuals who might find it impossible to move around without a wheelchair. Just 1 to 2% of people who really need a wheelchair at present actually have one or have one to use. If you or your family can do this, you should think of yourself lucky.

There is no need to feel guilty if you happen to be one of the lucky few. You can help others who might not be as lucky as you. Some people might be fairly indifferent however there are some people who are fairly sensitive when it comes to others who are suffering.

How to Stay Mobile with Your Power Wheelchair

wheelchair or Scooter?

wheelchair users have different kinds of disabilities. A scooter might be a better choice for those for some because it provides mobility without having their ability to move around on their own taken away.

Some people might not be able to walk long distances when they are outdoors and would benefit from some kind of supplemental mode of transportation. A power wheelchair is a great option for people who are in this situation.

Regaining Your Independence

If your disability makes it difficult or impossible to walk, a wheelchair is a great way to regain some of your freedom and independence. Once you get used to it and incorporate into your lifestyle, you will become much more dependent on your wheelchair than you might think.

Therefore keeping it well maintained and in good working order will become a priority. This is something you should keep in mind from the very start.

In order for the wheelchair to serve your purposes, you will need to have entrances, exits, doorways and sidewalks that are wide enough to accommodate your wheelchair.

All Terrain Wheelchairs

Sidewalks aren’t a necessity for all terrain Wheelchairs and although this is good news, you should look at this kind of wheelchair as you would a mountain bike. If you are going to be transporting your wheelchair in a car, you will need to take the size and design of the vehicle into account.

Although there are ways to move around in a normal vehicle, if you are going to be moving around with a wheelchair on a regular basis, you will have to take a closer look when choosing a suitable vehicle.

Hatchbacks or vans with big sliding doors or back seats are great options for those who need to transport their wheelchair regularly.


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