It’s really frustrating for people when they are restricted to do things that they are already used to. What’s more, it’s frustrating when you have to be dependent on other people. It is unavoidable to feel depressed about being helpless and weak. These are some of the emotions that people experience when they have their life confined to a wheelchair.

However, all their worries are set free and they can live a normal life again. By using a lightweight wheelchair, they are encouraged to lead a new life ahead. Now, they can join different activities they want. They can go to places they want to go. They can have the kind of independence they desire.

Benefits of Lightweight Wheelchair

There are many benefits of lightweight wheelchair over a traditional manual chair. One of which of course is its ability to be operated by using a battery. In this way, the person using the wheelchair is able to move on his or her choice without exerting too much tiring effort. Another is that it is very useful for the patient who is still lacking strength to move the wheelchair using his or her own arm.

Because it is battery operated, it improves the patient’s mobility and it’s made as a more specialized chair. Wheelchairs can now be modified in many different applications. The lightweight wheelchairs also give a user the freedom even with a small quantity of effort.

Accessories for Lightweight Chairs

Manual wheelchairs can be a bit awkward to use because of their weight, but lightweight wheelchairs solve this problem. They are much less expensive compared to regular wheelchairs. Always look at their functionality before making a final purchase. Accessories for lightweight wheelchairs are also useful in making the user more comfortable.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for a lightweight wheelchair.

  • Lightweight wheelchairs weigh around 29 to 33 lbs. This can come in handy when having to move it and for daily use.
  • The majority of lightweight wheelchairs have adjustable backs, flip-back armrests and quick-release levers. Select a chair where you can change the tires.
  • Don’t choose a wheelchair that needs the whole wheel to be changed once the rubber has worn down.
  • If it already comes with flip-back arms, removable arms won’t be needed. Flip-backs would more than serve the user’s needs.
  • A seat pillow will add to the height of the user’s seating position.
  • Important features you should look for when buying a wheelchair include a sturdy frame, arm and leg rests and good brakes.

The above tips will help you find the perfect chair for your needs. Of course, the disability of the user will also play a big part in the final decision. This will be a new beginning for the user, so it important that they feel comfortable in their new wheels.


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