When you have decided that a transit wheelchair is the best type of wheelchair for your condition, you will need to keep in mind a number of different things. You may have come across a wheelchair that is very lightweight, sturdy, and well designed, but it has to accommodate every part of you body to be the winner.

This means that you should try to get a chair that fits your full criteria, not just a few. This is to ensure that you will be able to use the chair on a long-term basis without having to worry about things going wrong during the time you use it.

A transit wheelchair should also be easy to fit in your vehicle. This is because a “transit” wheelchair is designed to be transported throughout the day.

How to Get Best Suited Transit Wheelchair

Seat Frame Information

The seat frame is a very important part of the transit chair. The seat frame is almost always designed to be very light, extremely foldable, and sturdy enough to withstand traveling around with it throughout your day. Since the seat is designed to be light, it is almost never has padding on the seat upholstery.

Some seat frames come with a seat sling that is adjustable, meaning that you can adjust the tension of the straps to fit to your body width.

Footrest or Legrest Type

A transit wheelchair will sometimes have a foldable heel bar that would allow you to keep your legs in place to prevent injury. Sometimes these support bars come with a height adjustable feature that allow you to adjust the bar up and down.

For individuals who are shorter than average, the heel support bar may be too high and may not actually prevent injury, in this type of situation you should probably look into a pediatric travel chair as an alternative.

With a transit wheelchair you will find that there are 2 types of footrests. You can either get the standard one-pierce footplate to fit your feet onto, or you can get the type that is similar to a standard manual wheelchair, a 2 piece footplate. It depends on what you are used to and whether you are willing to go with a 1-piece footplate.


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