Wheelchair design and style have advanced through the years starting from its beginnings as a inflexible wooden device, to a tailor made machine seen on basketball courts around The USA. The style and design have benefitted from numerous advancements, none that stray too much from the standard efficiency and movability a wheelchair gives the user.

How To Build a Wheelchair

1. Take out all the pieces from the product packaging and organize them to make them visible. The primary seat part unfolds until the upholstered seat snaps into position. You can connect the additional components to this primary part.

2. Put in the suitable footrests onto the peg found on the front part of the seat, under the upholstered area on both sides of the piping. The footrests must open up to the center of the seat to offer comfort for the legs, and to avoid it from being dragged along under the wheelchair as it moves forward. The footrest needs to be at a right angle to the framework.

3. Fine-tune the leg rests to the person who will be making use of the chair. While the user is sitting in the chair, unhinge the bolt on the base of the leg rest and correct based on the personal preferences and convenience of the user. Refasten or tighten up the bolt when the user can feel the leg rest will give the appropriate level of support.

4. Activate the locking system on both wheel support frames once in a sitting position and at a full stop. When the locking system are is activated, the wheels should never turn when pushed. These kinds of brakes are not built to stop a wheelchair actually moving, but to stop a stationary wheelchair from rolling.

5. Evaluate the wheelchair for any type of structural problems. Every screw needs to be securely fixed into position, and the wheel wells have to be clear of debris. Confirm that the front castor wheels possess a complete range of motion and do not lock in any position.


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