You may need a healthcare seat.

Healthcare Seating Choices

Healthcare seating refers to any type of seating that is specifically crafted to promote good health and posture. People with a disability may require healthcare seating to prevent skin problems and permanent bad posture.

This type of seating is available for both patients and caretakers. There is a healthcare seat that is right for your condition or lifestyle. This can include people who work in an office space and people who are constantly seated during office hours.

Other type of healthcare seating is the type that you see on our wheelchairs, which are made specifically for the prevention of health problems and health related issues.

Medical Seating

Medical Seating is another term commonly used to refer to healthcare seating. This type of seating can be ergonomic and suited for proper posture and seating.

Seating design is important for many reasons, one of the aspects of chair design is that of motor skill learning, rehabilitation involves learning the new task of self-propelling a new wheelchair wheel. Self-propelling a wheelchair can take more than just being physically able to do so, low-intensity training has shown positive results with the majority of wheelchair users.

Proper Ergonomics

A healthcare seat or medical seat, should be designed with proper ergonomics. Our S-Shape Seating System offers many advantages over the standard manual wheelchair seat. Not only is pressure distributed more evenly across the legs and rear, it also offers a more stable seating surface and prevents forward slippage.


S-Shape Seating System

Our patented seating system allows any user to sit comfortable for prolonged periods of time without experiencing sores.


Ergonomic Wheelchairs

Our ergonomic wheelchairs come standard with our patented healthcare seating.

What Type of Healthcare Seating Do I Need?

You may require special seating for your daily activities.

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