Have you seen the ads on how to get a mobility chair for free? Do you or someone you know have mobility issues? When you need to go to the bathroom, do you require assistance? Are you suffering in silence because you feel like a burden to other people?

Guess what? You are not alone. Millions of people go through the same disability on a daily basis. Medicare recent changes along with a add-ons of Obama-care now makes it easier to get access to a mobility chair. And the good news is you can get it at no cost to you.

Prescription Needed

Your insurance company must give you a mobility scooter, if they like it or not, once you can prove that you need it. Yes that’s the catch. You may be thinking it would be nice to have one, however you have to prove you need one in order to get one. So you will need a recommendation from your doctor but in some cases you might need even more.

As you can guess the amount of paper work that the insurance company needs is overwhelming. Are you familiar with which forms to submit? Do you comprehend what they are asking? If you can’t get pass these two questions, your chances of getting an electric wheelchair are almost zero. Get help from someone who is familiar with what the insurance company is looking for.

Dealing with Insurance Company and Manufacturers

Get ready for a big tip. Most wheelchair companies will do this paperwork free of cost through their claims department. What’s in it for them? Well they make a profit with every disability scooter they sell, irrespective of who foots the bill. Actually they prefer dealing with the insurance company because they don’t haggle over price like the customers often do. The retailer will make their full profit from the power chair when dealing with the insurance company.

Many well established companies provide this service. You only have to fill out a few forms online and you will get your new mobility chair delivered to your home in a couple of weeks.