Folding wheelchairs get their name due to their folding nature. Since it can be folded, it is much easier to transport when traveling. This kind of chair is an example of a manual wheelchair and they come in lightweight or heavy duty types. This type of wheelchair is great for people who have limited space like in vehicles.

Folding wheelchairs perform great on rough terrain compared to the rigid type. Due to its flexibility, the wheels adjust to the terrain so your ride isn’t affected that much. Harder surfaces seem to be more challenging for folding wheelchair users.

Maintain your Manual Chair to Make it Last

You should also keep in mind that folding wheelchairs tend to break easily because it has so many moving parts and parts that are adjustable. To keep them in good working order they need to be checked regularly on a weekly basis. This will ensure that all the parts are moving properly and working together. Once the folding wheelchair is well maintained, it will move easier and require less effort on your part to maneuver it.

Folding wheelchairs are not suited for sport activities because they tend to be heavier compared to the rigid type. If you happen to be a sport lover, you will need a separate wheelchair for sporting activities. The rigid wheelchairs have sturdier thicker parts that allow it to be nimble and turn quickly.

Rigid Wheelchairs are Also an Option

If you lead a very active lifestyle, a folding wheelchair might not be the best option because if its many moving parts and the tendency for them to break down fairly easily with heavy use. These wheelchairs perform better if you have someone to push you. This will minimize any tendency for the wheelchair to break down.

Folding wheelchairs have benefits and drawbacks, however they were made mostly for people who need a wheelchair that can be transported easily or where space is limited.

It is important to know why you need the wheelchair in the first place and where you will be using it most. This will help you to figure out which type of wheelchair is appropriate for your lifestyle and if a folding wheelchair will fit into that lifestyle.


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