Folding Power Wheelchairs

Folding Power Wheelchairs from Karman Healthcare allow you to fold the backrest of your standing wheelchair by loosening the two knobs on the back of the backrest. This allows you to fold the backrest down in order to store it easier, whether it is in a vehicle, or storage space, our Standing Wheelchairs have a feature that lets you fold down the backrest for compact and convenient storage.

XO-202 and XO-101 allow you to fold the backrest of the wheelchair in 2 very easy steps. We carry Stand Up Wheelchairs that are considered folding power wheelchairs because you can fold the backrest of the chair down to the seat, in order to store it or transport it to a different location.

Foldable Backrest

Folding power wheelchairs offer several features that allow more benefits to the power wheelchair user. Providing a high level of comfort, these power wheelchairs are convenient and easy to transport and store. Most folding power wheelchairs are designed to be used indoors, the portable nature of a folding power wheelchair can be be very useful for traveling or storing your chair on the go.

Our power wheelchair folding backrest folds down with minimal effort, the backrest is foldable for easy transportation. If you are looking for a power wheelchair with a foldable frame, then the XO series are not the right wheelchair for you.

  • XO-505 Main Image


    $19,800.00 $12,950.00
  • X0-202 Standing View Stand Up Wheelchair


    $9,900.00 $6,500.00
  • xo-202-main photo


    $13,900.00 $8,950.00
  • XO-202 Junior 14" Seat Standing Power Assist Wheelchair

    XO-202 Junior