If you are a senior who is wheelchair-bound that doesn’t mean you have to live a sedentary lifestyle. Keeping active, healthy and in shape using exercise can produce many benefits.

Fitness for wheelchair users who are aging can result in:

  • Reduce excess body fat, greater self-confidence and lower possibility of getting diabetes
  • An increase in muscle power and endurance
  • Improved blood circulation and breathing
  • Enhanced immune system operation
  • Lower possibility of getting pressure sores and urinary tract infections

Fitness for Aging Wheelchair Users

Physical Exercise is a Must

By using flexibility together with resistance routines, strength conditioning and endurance routines, chair-bound older folks are able to gain the physical, psychological and emotional benefits of physical exercise.

If staying chair-bound happens to be discouraging you from trying to perform physical activity you previously enjoyed, don’t worry – all that’s needed to attain physical fitness is a suitable workout plan that has the following kinds of exercises:

  • Flexibility training: You can become more limber by combining slow stretching, twisting and bending motions, which also increases your range of motion. You can either do these exercises while seated on your wheelchair or when lying down. There are chair-yoga classes especially for people in wheelchairs.
  • Endurance movements: You can find several pool-therapy classes in your local area created specifically for elderly wheelchair users. In addition there are working out devices adjustable for individuals that are wheelchair-bound that help make arm bicycling and rowing practical. Repetitive motion exercise routines like seated push-ups or leg raises can even help you to increase your pulse rate.
  • Strength training: Light, repeated sets of weightlifting routines with dumbbells or free weights. If you don’t have specialized free weights, experiment using water bottles or soup containers.
  • Resistance exercises: Resistance bands help to exercise muscles via pulling and stretching. They look like large rubber bands and you can attach them to doorknobs or a heavy piece of furniture or perhaps your wheelchair.

Always consult with your doctor or physio therapist on the types of exercises that are appropriate for your situation and age.


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