The definition of a wheelchair carrier is a particular kind of carrier used for the transfer of the manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and scooters. If you are a wheelchair user, then a carrier would be ideal for your freedom of movement. It has to be suitable to your needs and easily accessible. Below we will take a look at what is required when transporting a wheelchair.

Your carrier can simply be attached either to the very top of your car or truck, or kept within the luggage compartment, or in the rear of your automobile. It is simple to mount and fast to install.

The utilization of this product will simplify the problem involved in carrying the motorized equipment as you travel using an RV, automobile, truck or a van. It’s really easy to use, you simply load your wheelchair with the usage of the carrier, affix the connected gate and finish your travel plans with complete confidence. The unloading the carrier is just as easy as loading.

Essential Tips for Transporting Wheelchairs

Storing a Wheelchair in a Vehicle

You generally have several choices available for the storage of your wheelchair inside your car or truck as well as the setup. First is the place where the wheelchair will fold into the back of your van or into your vehicle trunk. In either case they’re totally out of sight. Your second pick would be to attach your lift to the back of your vehicle where it is always visible.

You’ve got a selection of four distinct wheelchair carrier versions. First one is an automatic vehicle top rack which operates from switches and it comes with a motor driven hoist. This really is intended for the manual wheelchairs so the very top of your vehicle has to be capable of accommodating both the extra weight as well as the size of the chair.

Wheelchair Carrier for Car

The next one is a bumper mount racks. This will require the drilling of many holes in the fender of the vehicle to support a manual chair. Many these types of racks can be quickly removed to ease entry to the trunk of the vehicle. The 3rd style is the hitch mount rack which tips down to as it loads and is only moved back into its spot and then locked.

Fourth is the pickup kind of rack that’s used with a pickup truck. The lift simply picks up a wheelchair by means of an electric motor and safely stores it on the bed of the truck after the wheelchair was folded.

Such a carrier is the perfect thing for the transport of mid-size seats and hefty scooters. It can support a maximum of 350 pounds and comes equipped with several retractable reaches with up to 24 inch lifting being possible. It features ease of use push button operation. The carrier is created from aluminum making it lightweight and essentially rust resistant.

Lift Platform for Vans and Trucks

The platform folds up easily supplying storage in addition to a handle for its ease of setup. It includes an anti-rattle mechanism complete with a lock that ensures a quiet, safe and comfortable fit on the trailer hitch and has a tie down strap to secure the wheelchair. The lift comes with a weatherproof transportation cover. It’s made to encase the scooter or wheelchair.

Make certain you find out which of the versions is the best for your specific vehicle as well as your lifestyle before investing in a wheelchair carrier. Make sure whether a folding type or a lift model will function best in your case. Prior to making a choice see several of the variations online. It’s possible for you to find many amazing deals when checking out both new and used versions.


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