With a correctly modified vehicle, wheelchair dependent individuals can continue to drive like they did before their disability. Having to use a wheelchair doesn’t have to restrict your movement so to home only and being dependent of friends and family for outings. With many technological innovations, wheelchairs can now be customized for those who are wheelchair bound.

If a wheelchair bound person wants to drive, they will have to be evaluated to find out what kind of modifications are needed in order for them to safely drive a wheelchair vehicle. The modification of equipment is based on the wheelchair user’s motor skills, reaction times, road test performance, medical history and the driver’s ability to get a driver’s license from their respective states. There is a possibility that the license might be restricted.

The wheelchair user must be properly trained to use the new wheelchair vehicle. Maybe the pedal equipment needs to be adjusted, or the steering has to be modified or other special hand controls that need to be installed.

Other Modifications for a Wheelchair Vehicle

The storage of the wheelchair is an important requirement for you to drive. Some vehicles let you stay in the wheelchair when driving. Some wheelchairs are small and portable; they can fold easily and be stored next to the driver. In this situation, you have a wider range of vehicles of vehicle choices.

A wheelchair lift lets the wheelchair to be either stored inside or outside of the vehicle. More than one person might be required to operate the lift, depending on where it is installed and the type of lift. This might occur when operation of the lift is out of reach once the wheelchair driver is behind the wheel. In general, lifts care easy to use and can operated by the wheelchair driver if it is properly located.

In most cases, the roof would have to be raised, or floor lowered to allow for the driver’s wheelchair. This modification is expensive, but necessary of the driver wants to remain seated in the wheelchair while driving.

When the driver remains in the wheelchair, locks are required on the floor to keep the wheelchair stable and secure while moving. The locking mechanisms can be manual restraints or an electric locking system. There are restraints that operate like regular seat belts and are a great option for those driving in a wheelchair.

When you finally choose your wheelchair vehicle, you will be back on the road to independence and freedom and you can safely drive to anywhere you desire.


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