With the invention of the electric wheelchair, mankind has benefited tremendously. Sometimes called power chairs, these wheelchairs have been a great benefit to the sick and disabled who would have been immobile otherwise.

The Various Kinds of Electric Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs fall into 3 basic classes:

Front Wheel Powered: Mostly use indoors because of their maneuverability and they are not as powerful as rear wheel drive chairs.

Rear Wheel Powered: This is the most popular kind of power chair and they are also the most powerful, which makes them ideal for outdoor purposes. However it is not as nimble as the front wheel drive wheelchair and has a larger turning radius.

Mid Wheel Powered: These electric wheelchairs are unsuitable on uneven terrain. They also have a bigger turning radius and are not very steady.

Belts or gears are used to drive the electric wheelchairs. Belt driven power wheelchairs need regular maintenance but they are convenient and very quiet. Gear driven power chairs need less maintenance but they wear out fairly fast and as a result are fairly noisy when in motion.

Power Chairs Are Beneficial To These Individuals

Not only the disabled can benefit from power chairs. They can also be used by sick people who have a hard time with mobility, those recovering after major surgery or people suffering from heart problems.

wheelchairs come in many different varieties. There are power wheelchairs for kids and adults and the two are very different.

With the many styles and features available for wheelchairs, it is important to pick one that best suits your needs. You can find a vast selection at online stores.

Heavy, Light, Portable and Foldable

Most wheelchair makes are listed in the online business directories. You can find wheelchair that are heavy, light, portable, foldable and those that are easy to put together and take apart at these online stores.

The motor in the electric wheelchair runs on batteries and the chair is usually controlled by a joystick or sometimes by a chin, sack or hand controller. The joystick can also be used to tilt the wheelchair as well as for leg and seat elevation. You can customize the controllers to suit your needs.

Even quadriplegics can have wheelchairs customized to suit their needs. Since the modern power wheelchair was invented by George Klein, he has gone on to become legendary in the science and technology field.


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