When you use a manual wheelchair for a long time, there are some issues that arise from the wear and tear of your chair. When there is an issue with your wheelchair, it is better to know before the problem happens how to fix or handle it.

Manual wheelchairs can sometimes suffer from wearing down after a long period of use. I am going to explain some of the most common issues that wheelchair users may deal with. It is always important to remember to maintain your wheelchair in order to avoid these particular problems altogether.

Upholstery maintenance and decay

One common issue with manual chairs is that the upholstery will began to break apart from wear and tear. The upholstery should be maintained by being washed and treated with the utmost care.

The only way to avoid a severe breakdown of the upholstery is to add another layer to the top of the upholstery so that there is a safety surface between the material and the user’s back and bottom.

Maintenance can help avoid issues with your chair

Once the upholstery is damaged and it becomes vulnerable to rubbing or outside forces, you will need to replace it altogether to avoid injury or rashes from forming. It is always recommended that you buy the replacement upholstery from the company you originally purchased the chair from.

This can mean that you will need to purchase the replacement through the manufacturer or an official vendor. This will help you avoid any sizing or fitting issues with the model of the chair that you currently have.

Deterioration of the front and rear wheels is also a common problem with manual wheelchairs, especially if you are used to riding the chair on rough surfaces or uneven pavement. The best way to avoid problems with your wheels is to constantly grease the axle of the wheels and try to avoid rough terrain to allow your chair to live out its full life expectancy.

Replacement Parts

If you need replacement wheels, the best place to buy them is directly from the manufacturer. If this is a problem, you can always purchase them from an authorized dealer to make sure that you receive the right type and size. Some wheels come standard with flat free tires, which do not need to be pumped with air all the time.

This type of tire can last a lot longer than a pneumatic tire, the plastic material it is made out of is very durable and can hold out for more than a few years before needing to be replaced.

Front caster forks can also be a common issue with manual chairs. This wheelchair part is vulnerable to heavy use and can wear out if not properly maintained.

If you need replacement parts for any of the reasons above, or you have a specific issue with your chair, you should contact the manufacturer of the chair, or an authorized vendor to make sure that you are getting official replacement parts that are the same or very similar to the original ones that came with the chair.


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