If you are wheelchair bound, having the right equipment to do your daily activities is very important. Your wheelchair should be mobile enough so that you can easily work, shop or even play sports. Below are lists of available products that help to keep you more mobile.

For a wheelchair to be thought of as mobile, it has to do a bit more than simply getting you around. At the grocery stores or shopping malls there are power scooters to help you easily do your shopping. That’s what your wheelchair should be doing for you.

become a more mobile in a wheelchair

Power Assist Devices

Do you want a device that makes pushing your wheelchair easier? Then you should check out the PowerStroll power pack. When the device is attached to your chair, it will give you extra power which kicks in when the person pushing is going up ramps, steep hills or over uneven terrain.

The PowerStroll is portable and can be detached and attached easily and used on another wheelchair if needed.  It can travel at speeds of 4-6 mph and has a maximum range of 10 miles per battery charge. The device includes a 12-month warranty and can be returned if it malfunctions.

Vienna Wheelchair is an Option

A good power chair that will give you the mobility you are looking for is the Vienna. It can easily turn tight corners and fit into small spaces. This wheelchair is fairly lightweight and is made of high-quality materials. For easy storage, the seat and battery pack are removable and the footrest fold up.

Another wheelchair that is made for mobility and comfort is the Sena. The Sena chair comes with extra cushioning for your back and neck along with adjustable armrests that can be raised, lowered and even widened for optimal comfort.

With puncture resistant wheels, you won’t have to worry about running over sharp objects on your path. The fitted lap belt provides safety and security if you are moving a bit faster in your chair.

Your doctor or physical therapist are great resources and they can point you in the right direction for products that will provide you with more mobility. They will take into account your physical need and your lifestyle so that you can find the perfect chair for your mobility needs.


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