A disability affects one in ten people worldwide or approximately 650 million people. Although the lifestyle of handicapped individuals might be challenging, there are numerous solutions to make everyday existence easier, with the application of new mobility devices you are able to get around more conveniently and accomplish much more.

The word disability doesn’t only include those who cannot walk or see, but it includes those people with Alzheimer’s, muscular dystrophy, , brain injuries, paraplegia, quadriplegia, stroke, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis cerebral palsy, and other disorders that hamper mobility and social interaction.

These are people who can still carry on their regular lifestyles by using devices that improves mobility ; they can continue to enjoy stimulating baths in the shower or have fun in a pool, or could still leisurely walk in the park and treasure a sunny day.

Shower Chairs and Seating

Baths are an area of specific concern for those who have disabilities and their family. Caretakers do not need to be concerned since there are shower-bathing chairs that help with keeping showers safeguarded.

These handicap shower chairs look like typical chairs, however they are ergonomically designed to ensure users are comfortable and well supported during the shower. The seat section might be level or curved, however either design include drain openings to stop water collection that could lead to sliding.

They come in foldable and standard designs, these shower chairs include adjustable height, fixed armrests, plastic covered metallic frames and slip-resistant rubber tipped legs. These chairs are simple to clean and store, they come in various colors and coatings, allow for different user weights, and adhere to typical state specifications.

For anyone planning to enjoy swimming pools, there are transportable handicap pool lifts. The transportable handicap swimming pool lifts are built to allow handicapped individuals to submerge in the pool and receive its restorative advantages (along with just simple fun).

Bath Equipment that Aids Individuals

This device is essentially made up of a sling that holds the individual via the support of an anchor attached to some chains. The sling and anchor hook up to a robust pole, which is safely connected to an aboveground or in-ground base stand.

Other functions can also be purchased, such as armrests, custom made covers, stability vests, seat pads, battery pack and charger and spine board connection. Some versions permit 360-degree turn round for easier usage in any area of the pool, can carry as much as 400 pounds and adhere to ADA specifications.

There are numerous additional devices available that function as safety equipment and aids for those who have disabilities. No matter if you or someone you love is dealing with a handicap, there are techniques to make your everyday tasks a lot easier. Do your homework and look at the array of devices on the market.


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