You happen to injure yourself during summer and now you have to keep your weight off your legs so you can fully recover by using a mobility device such as a wheelchair. To be sure you recover as quickly as possible, keep the following summer tips in mind during recovery. To aid in this, lightweight wheelchairs are available to make it easier to travel! 

Go Barefoot Only When Sitting

You automatically want to remove your shoes during the summer heat. Although your feet might feel cooler, only take your shoes off when sitting in a wheelchair. You don’t want both feet out of commission at the same time, by stepping on a sharp object and damaging the good foot.

Don’t Wear Flip Flops When Using a Wheelchair

Flip-flops are popular in summer, but avoid them while injured. They are not ideal shoes when using crutches or wheelchairs and they do not give your good foot proper support. A better option is a sandal that has a strap that goes around the back or a shoe with good support. The strap will assist in keeping your sandal on so that it does not fall off when using your wheelchair

Steer Clear Of Wet Pool Sides

Since you are on crutches or using a wheelchair, you can still go to the pool and at least put a foot in and watch other people enjoy splashing around. But you still need to be careful around the wet poolside in crutches and you shouldn’t go alone.

The wet surfaces are extremely slippery and a fall might be even worse than the original injury you had. When going to the pool get someone to push you in a light wheelchair or use a friend’s shoulder to help you get to a poolside chair.

Fight Dehydration

You can get easily dehydrated in the summer heat and with your non weight bearing injury, it can be very dangerous. Be sure to drink lots of water so that your body can continue to heal properly. There are carry pouches for wheelchairs that can accommodate different sizes of waterbottles.

Rest and Relax

In the summer months you naturally want to be active and be out and about, but with your injury you will need to just relax. Your body will tell you when you had enough and you need to listen to it. Having a set time to get some rest daily will speed up your recovery.

Consider Crutch Alternatives

If you want to get around more in a safe way, there are alternatives to crutches and there are many options on the market today. Hands free crutches gives u the use of both hands and you can enjoy playing catch again.

A knee scooter will get you quickly from one place to another and you can jump on or off at any time. With a seated scooter, you can sit and relax wherever you are. All of these devices provide mobility and safety while you are recovering from your injury.

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