Disability insurance was designed to provide the policyholder with periodic income if they are unable to work due to sickness or injury. If the coverage for the Disability Insurance goes over 6 months, it is called long-term disability insurance. Disability insurance usually covers 40 to 60% of the insurer’s wages and is tax-free.

You can buy disability insurance personally, sometimes the government provides it or it might be included with your employer’s insurance package. Disability coverage provided by employers will end when the job is terminated or the policy holder changes jobs. Many U.S. states have a public disability insurance coverage plan that is funded using payroll taxes.
Wheelchair Users & Disability Insurance

Total Disability and Renewability

When considering a disability insurance policy, there are a couple of important factors to take into account – what is defined as total disability and renewability. Total disability has 3 basic definitions which are gainful-occupation coverage, income-replacement insurance and own-occupation disability insurance.

As for renewability insurance, the basic types common in disability insurance policies include guaranteed renewable and non-cancelable, conditionally renewable and guaranteed renewable.

Residual Insurance

You will also need to take some other details into account when considering a disability insurance policy such as residual insurance for those who are still working but might be limited because is illness or injury. Then there is presumptive disability insurance which provides coverage in cases of severe disability and also recurrent disability insurance which protects against a disability that happens right after recovering from a disability.

Be sure to carefully examine details like benefit period, elimination period and policy exclusions. Optional riders usually obtainable with disability insurance include future-increase option, cost-of-living adjustment, social-insurance-substitute rider, and automatic-increase rider on top of residual-disability insurance.


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