Many people believe that hospice facilities only cater to the terminally ill. For example, someone dying of cancer who doesn’t want to go to hospital or put undue stress on their family, a hospice facility would be a good option.

Hospice care is branching out in a different direction. Hospice services are now being extended to people who might just need a bit of assistance with getting dressed or with other daily activities and have access to nursing care 24 hours a day. They are offering great medical care for those who are not terminally ill and the great part is that it is all covered by Medicare, so there are no out of pocket expenses for the family or the patient.

Finding the Right Caretaker

This can be a huge relief for the family. They know their loved one is getting the kind of care they need and it relieved the time constraints of constantly taking care of an aging parent. Patients get medical care onsite so they don’t have to travel to their doctor’s office. Hospices are so good at providing the service; they know what you need even before you know what to ask.

They provide essential medical devices such as wheelchairs within 24 hours.

Hospices are in tuned with the challenges faced by caregivers and they also understand the dying process, be it from aging or disease. They expertly deal with these very difficult issues with compassion and intelligence. They will help the family understand what your loved one might be going through and how they are dealing with it. This is often a great relief for the family.

Preventive Care for the Elderly

With our population aging, a growing number of people who have to deal with aging parents or family members who are going through the process of dying. Hospices provide a valuable service to those making a difficult life transition and they have the tools and skills to make that transition easier. They are offering a whole new way of caring for the elderly. They can take comfort of being in a caring, supportive environment  and not having to make any financial commitments.

It is definitely worth a call to your local hospice to see the type of services they offer for the elderly.

Hospices are not just for terminally ill patients. They are the perfect solution for the elderly as well.