Using safety equipment prevents serious injuries to seniors and it can be helpful to caretakers in their daily activities. For instance, bed rails help to keep loved ones safe while they are in bed.

Fall Prevention

The main safety benefit of bed rails is to prevent falls. Seniors fall out of bed more regularly than younger people and this can result in severe injuries like broken bones. These injuries take much longer to heal in seniors.

Seniors who use mobility aids or have difficulty standing on their own are more prone to fall out of bed. It could be hours before they are noticed by anyone. This could result in serious circulation and breathing problems. Bed rails can prevent these kinds of mishaps.

Repositioning and Turning

People with limited mobility have a hard time repositioning themselves when they are in bed. As a result, they might be stuck in the same spot for hours. Not only is this uncomfortable, it interrupts sleep, makes joints fall asleep and ache. In extreme cases, being in one spot can result in pressure sores. With a sturdy bed rail, the senior can shift their position as needed.

Balance and Support

Getting out of bed for seniors can also be challenging, especially if they don’t have help or support. The bed itself doesn’t provide the necessary support to push out of bed into a standing position.

Proper bed rails that provide a handhold will help seniors when they are trying to stand up when seated on the edge of the bed. Bed rails can also provide extra support and balance. If the senior gets dizzy when they first stand up, the rails can be used to provide support and prevent falling.

Comfort and Reassurance

Some seniors might feel confined when they are in bed with the rails up, while others might fight the protective bed rails reassuring. Protective railings provide a safe feeling and it can give them some independence when they want to get into and out of bed on their own safely without having to depend on a caretaker.

Besides safety considerations, certain bed rails come with storage pockets that can hold TV remotes, bed controls and other personal care items. If you are a caretaker for a senior or someone with a physical disability, consider installing bed rails for their convenience and to keep them safe.

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