Do you have an elderly relative who is having a difficult time walking? Or perhaps they can’t walk at all. Does it take them a really long time to get to the bathroom or to bed?  If this is the case, they might be feeling faint and exhausted even though those things are very far away. To them it will almost feel like running a marathon.

Because of their limited mobility, there are several problems that arise, like getting into and out of bed, getting to and using the bathroom and even getting into a car. Pretty much anything that requires mobility has become extremely challenging.

Here are some things that might make the life of an elderly relative easier:


These come in two kinds. The manual kind is where one or more caregivers will be needed to lift the elderly person up.

This can be challenging for caregivers, no matter how well they have been trained to lift. The other kind is mechanical. Some have slings and some are more complex.

Bedside Commodes

This is handy if the elderly person has difficulties getting to the bathroom in time.

Bedside commodes use chemicals to maintain sanitary conditions. It is easily accessible by doing a “lift, pivot, sit” motion. It might take a while for them to get use to this motion.

Gait Belts

In California, gait belts have to be prescribed by a doctor since it is considered a kind of restraint. Once you have the prescription, the next challenge is to find the actual gait belt, which is not often readily available.

The gait belt will serve two purposes; it provides the caregiver something to grasp when doing a transfer. Using the waist band isn’t usually safe or effective.

The other purpose is to prevent falling. If the elderly person starts to fall the caregiver can safely lower them, preventing the fall.


These might not be suitable for every elderly person, especially if they suffer from conditions like dementia. You will have to assess the elderly person for their fitness to operate a scooter.

Even so, they are still a great way for the elderly person to move around the house or in an assisted living facility. Some models are even foldable, making storage in a vehicle very convenient.

Be sure to consult with the elderly person’s doctor and discuss the above suggestions with them. Being immobile can dramatically affect an elderly person’s lifestyle. The doctors will have suggestions on how to keep them safe while doing everyday activities.


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