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A small personal alarm could help prevent an attacker from harming you such as the Karman Max Alarm – iMAX SOS alarm. The loud siren nose can scare off the attacker and also draw nearby bystanders to call for help.


iMAX SOS Alarm


Disabled and Seniors are vulnerable to be targets for attackers. Why?

  1.  Physical and Mental limitation

Physical and mental limitation due to age or medical conditions limits vision, hearing, and strength to defend. Seniors may be frail and physically weak to attack and defend oneself.

  1.  Housing Situations

Generally speaking, there will be some sort of concern when a senior or disabled individuals live by themselves or you leave them at home temporarily.   You never know if there will be a house burglary or an emergency. Providing self-defense products will protect seniors and disabled individual from situation when there is no immediately assistance.

  1.  Outdoor Situations

Going out, rather it is going on a trip or shopping, also creates a vulnerable attack especially when disabled and seniors are out alone. Due to many conditions, such as age, size and physical condition, they are an easy target for mugging or theft.


No matter how old you are, it is important to check your surroundings wherever you go. Carrying a personal alarm is beneficial and also a reminder to be alert at all times. You never know what will happen.



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