Oven And Microwave Height for wheelchair users

What is the optimal height when installing a new oven and microwave for a wheelchair user? This depends exclusively on what their accessibility need is currently. If you need to accommodate a kitchen to your daily needs, you might want to try buying appliances that are specially designed for wheelchair bound individuals.

When it comes to an oven, you want to make sure that you are able to easily get to the knobs on the appliance without risking injury. This could mean that you would need to get table with an adjustable height in order to be able to adjust the table to the desired height.

Your eye level when you are on a wheelchair can be very telling when it comes to finding the correct height for appliances. You can measure (or have someone do it for you) the height from the floor to your eye level in order to figure out what is the optimal height for an appliance.


A microwave that is not too tall can be placed on a height adjustable table at the preferred height so that is it easy to each. You should make sure that you can easily open and close the microwave door and easily reach the timer interface to be able to use the appliance properly.

Hand Grip Extenders

An alternative to customizing the height of kitchen appliances is to purchase a grip extender. This type of device allows you to reach heights you normally couldn’t reach to be able to use appliances in a kitchen. This option is not ideal because you are basically having to rely on this device at all times when using the kitchen.

Some things require certain actions in order to be able to use them. It may prove very difficult to use this alternative on a permanent basis, as you are risking a higher chance of injury, including things falling on your head while you are trying to grip them.

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