For those who want to age in place, the issue of decreased mobility has to be addressed. If you or your loved one cannot do long walks, stairs or inclines anymore, it is something that needs to be addressed

Mobility is strongly linked to independence and there are many options on the market for mobility aids. Be sure you fully understand the options and which options is best for your circumstances.


A walker is perfect for someone whose mobility is still good but they might need help with their balance. They will still need fairly good upper body strength to lift and advance the walker with every step. Some walkers are easy to transport because they are collapsible and can be stored in a car and used at the final destination.

Benefits of Rollators

Rollators can help people with walking but they don’t have to lift the rollator with every step, because they have wheels either 3 or 4 and the user can easily push the rollator along. They are perfect for providing balance with very limited exertion from the user.

Get Around Faster With Mobility Scooters

For those with partial mobility, a mobility scooter is a great option. These scooters are great if you previously like going on long walks or have to navigate a steep elevation. They are ideal for those who don’t require constant assistance.

Easy to transport options are also available. There are lightweight models that can fold and easily fit in the trunk of a vehicle. This is ideal for exploring the outdoors, mall trips or where lots of walking is required.

Wheelchairs Provide Versatility Both Inside And Outside

For those who have limited or no mobility, wheelchairs are an ideal choice.  With the options available you will find one that suits your needs. You can even get wheelchairs that can perform tight turns inside your home

If you are the outdoors type, there are wheelchairs with bigger wheels for navigating rough terrain. Some wheelchairs are equipped with motors for easier propulsion and others are specially designed to accommodate larger body frames and weight.


Always consult with your doctors, caretakers and sales reps to make sure you get the right device for your purposes. You should also take into account how you are going to be using your device in the future.

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