Disability and pain are often found together. For those who happen to be disabled, their bodies become less mobile and their lifestyle become more sedentary. As a result the amount of endorphins released decreases due to lack of exercise which results in increased pain, which further reduces mobility and you get caught in this vicious cycle.

The best way to control pain and break the cycle is to find a way to move your body in space. Using the guidance of a skilled physio therapist, tai chi instructor or yoga therapist, these body movements can be safely done. Exercises in water are also a great way for disabled people to do exercises with resistance safely.

Staying Active with Walking Aids

For those who have a disease that limits mobility like M.S. it is important to get as much exercise as possible from the non-ambulatory stage all the way up to when you are able to walk for short distances on your own. Should you need a scooter or walker, take advantage of the fact that you have M.S. to get them at a reduced price.

Ask around for tai chi and yoga instructors who area able to provide modified exercises and stretches to help you improve your mobility.

You will feel better the more you walk. Movement is usually associated with better feelings. Exercise releases one of the natural pain killers in the body which is highly effective at fighting chronic pain.

Reduce Pain with Exercise

The great thing is you don’t have to be able to run a marathon in order to get the benefits of the pain killing chemicals your body naturally produces. Gentle exercises on the floor or in the pool will release enough endorphins to help reduce the pain.

When attempting any new exercise when faced with chronic pain, it is hard to tell the difference between the discomfort of physical pain of reactivating rigid unused muscles, ligaments and tendons from other kinds of pain.

The length, amount and technique of the exercises are very important when starting a new exercise program. It is key to have experienced and skilled trainers who know exactly how far to push you.

Talk to a Doctor or an Expert about Therapy

Talk to your doctor about physio therapists and instructors locally that have a passion for working with those who have range of motion difficulties and chronic pain. Rehab clinics often find creative ways to address the needs of their patients, so if you find a great place keep using it. Just keep moving.

Exercise play a huge role for those who have a disability and it is key for increasing mobility and decreasing pain.


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