Shower benches are shower equipment that is usually made of heavy duty plastic and metal. They are placed in the shower or tub area to be sat when showering. These benches make showering easier for elderly and people with disabilities. Also, it reduces the change of slipping and falling. Shower benches are great for providing stability when your legs are weak or your balance is off. Most importantly, they are great aid if you have a caregiver that helps you shower. The caregiver does not need to worry about losing your balance because the shower bench allows you to be stable.

In the market, many shower benches are free standing. They are lightweight to allow you to left them into and out of the shower or tub before and after you shower. On the other hand, there are folding shower benches that are installed onto the shower wall. This allows the shower bench to be able to lifted and placed down. If you are renovating your bathroom, a folded shower bench is a great addition to build into the area.

We see shower bench as a tool for elderly and people with disabilities; however, they are also great for anyone of all ages. It can provide assistance for women to rest their foot on top of it while shaving their legs. Men can find relaxation by sitting on the bench while the warm waters runs over them after a long day after work.

Insurance will cover the cost of shower benches depending on the policy’s benefits. Some will cover the full cost because it is considered as a DME (durable medical equipment) while some will cover partial coverage. If your insurance does not cover a shower bench, they are available for reasonable prices. Today, you can find them for $150 – $300. The smaller size benches would range between $50-$100.

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