Thousands of people don’t have the medical insurance needed to purchase affordable medical equipment they might require after surgery or an accident. Before there weren’t that many options for these people if they needed access to affordable medical equipment.

Friends and family would usually help them find affordable medical equipment by looking for used affordable options for the user. Garage sales are a great place to find wheelchairs, bath chairs or walkers from people who have passed away or no longer need that piece of equipment.

Affordable Medical Equipment for the Uninsured

Accessibility for the Uninsured

There have been a number of recent changes that have allowed the uninsured to get access to the medical devices that they require. The makers and marketers of the devices made them more accessible for most people when it was discovered that people were not recovering from their injuries properly because they could not afford the proper equipment.

Many drug companies have followed suit and are helping the uninsured get the drugs they require. As a result the health of the uninsured has improved dramatically.

Many makers began offering lower cost equipment. They might not have all the bells and whistles, but they do the job the user requires.

Some blood glucose monitors can say the blood glucose results in less than 5 seconds, but there are cheaper older models that don’t talk and take a little longer for the results. This still gives the uninsured person access to checking their blood sugar at a reasonable price.

Cash Products Gaining Traction

Big companies and wealthy individuals did fundraisers to specifically help those who needed this important medical equipment. This allowed clinics and doctor’s offices to buy this equipment in bulk and offer them to the patients who had the most urgent need.

Many large chain stores had their own brand of medical equipment, which they sold at a lower price compared to the other brands. The store brands were usually the exact same as the top brands because the makers were usually the same.

Just ask for help if you need medical devices or medication if you are not insured. Many different organizations and groups can help you get what you need at little and in some cases no cost. Begin by talking to your doctor and let them know what you need and your financial circumstances.

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