Caregivers are healthcare workers who supply help and care to individuals, frequently with special health care needs. They provide extensive health-related services such as giving medication on time and monitoring of vital signs.

They also help patients carry out daily activities that they can no longer do on their own such as bathing, bathroom visits, getting dressed and providing emotional support and companionship.

Caregivers can be a family member or relative of the patient. In most cases though the caregiver is someone hired to provide these services. Choosing the right caregiver is very important because you are entrusting your love one’s life to someone who is a stranger at first. So what makes a good caregiver? What skills should they have?

Caregiver Responsibilities

The personal traits of the caregiver should match closely the needs of the patient. Since the service is very personal, this is of great importance. Patients can have wide mood swings and it is important that the caregiver be flexible and understanding when confronted with any situation. They have to be empathetic since some patients can put up a barrier.

The best way to break down those walls is to be connected with them emotionally. Once you understand how they feel, relating to them becomes much easier.

As professionals, they must meet the minimal requirements of nursing skill and knowledge such as CPR, basic first aid and nasogastric feeding. Some patients have special medical needs that require someone to help them with those daily bodily functions. If the patient is unable to get to the bathroom, a commode might be needed for the patient’s use.

What it Takes to Become a Caretaker

A sensitive caregiver will know how to preserve the dignity of the patient while performing these functions. The caregiver must possess great communication skills to keep a good flow of information between themselves and the patient. That way the caregiver is ready to respond to any assistance that the patient might need.

Caregivers also have the responsibility to make sure that the patient’s life is lived to the fullest, irrespective of their medical condition. The medical equipment provided to our loved ones also need to be well suited for their condition be it walkers, crutches, canes, wheelchairs etc.

These devices and tools for your loved one’s personal care can be researched and conveniently purchased online. Even though we have entrusted the care of a loved one to a caregiver, the decision we ultimately make can impact the level of care provided.


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