How to Wash a Wheelchair Using a Pressure Washer

A wheelchair that is well maintained and clean is easier to use and less strenuous for the user. Cleaning regularly minimizes costly and lengthy repairs, which can be a great inconvenience to the user.

Regular cleaning with the proper equipment will remove dirt, grime and bodily fluids that tent to accumulate with time. Pressure washing is the best way to eliminate the unwanted deposits.
how to wash a wheelchair with pressure washers

Why Pressure Washers?

High pressure cleaning is the best way to clean a wheelchair according to experts. A steam pressure washer is much more effective at cleaning compared to a cold pressure washer. High temperature washers come in gas or electric types. Cleaning and sanitizing the wheelchair minimizes germ growth and might lead to infections.

Cleaning Wheelchair with Steam Pressure Washer

Here are some pressure washer cleaning tips:

  • Understand the way the pressure washer works: There are 4 important elements in the functioning of the pressure washer. They include heat, water flow rate, cleaning solution and pressure output. They all work together to guarantee great cleaning results. Carefully read the manual to see how the pressure washer can be used on wheelchairs.
  • Pressure washer set up: The system needs to be primed first to eliminate trapped air by running water through the spray wand. Connect the inlet and outlet sources for water and pinpoint loose fittings. Be sure all connections are totally secure. If the gas level isn’t up to the proper level, you will need to fill up the tank.
  • Using the proper temperature and pressure levels: Don’t use cold water pressure to clean the wheelchair. High heat steam pressure cleaners give the best results. Steam pressure washers easily remove tough dirt without having to do manual scrubbing. Machines that have adjustable pressure and temperature are best, so that the washer is easily adaptable to different cleaning situations.
  • Begin wheelchair cleaning: Dislodge loose dirt using a broom. Point the spray gun at a reasonable distance from the chair and wash from the top down so that the dirt flows downward. Use the hot water setting to remove bodily fluids or other potentially harmful deposits.

Wheelchair Cleaning Tips:

  • Maintain a safe distance while cleaning the wheelchair. The high pressure water might splash up dangerous deposits your way.
  • Wear protective eye glasses.
  • Select a quality pressure washer that offers variable temperature and pressure settings.

Choosing the proper pressure cleaning washer will produce great cleaning results.


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