Having to be dependent on a wheelchair is not only difficult for the user, it is also tough on their loved ones. Caring for a child, parent, sibling or another loved one who is wheelchair dependent is challenging, you are concerned for their safety since their independence and freedom is now limited.

The good news is that there are a variety of wheelchair vehicles that can increase the wheelchair user’s independence.

Wheelchair Vehicles Provide Freedom for the Whole Family

Mobility Devices for Wheelchair Users

Numerous practical, functional and comfort features are offered on these vehicles which can help the wheelchair user perform daily activities with ease. These vehicles are often larger to accommodate the wheelchair itself as well as a ramp or lift.

Minivans are a popular choice for wheelchair users these days. They are easy to move around and have lots of internal space. They are fairly affordable and are a sportier compared to full sized vans. Additionally, quite a few models have storage in the floors which is ideal for storing a ramp when not in use.

Entering Wheelchair Vehicle via Rear or Front Door

Minivans can be modified so that the user can remain in their wheelchair when driving. For set ups like this, the wheelchair will usually enter via the second side door, but some models now accommodate entry at the front.

Entry via the rear of the vehicle is also possible and this makes loading and unloading simpler in most locations. With this set up the wheelchair user cannot be the driver, but they are a great option for families who have a child that is wheelchair bound.

Lifts can also be installed in minivans that let the user enter from the second seat side or from the driver side at the front. The lifts can also be used to store wheelchairs in the rear of the minivan or other wheelchair vehicle.

Full Sized Wheelchair Vans

When big wheelchairs or scooters are used, a full size van is needed if the user wants to travel in the wheelchair. The full size vans have more headroom and more spacious interiors compared to minivans. The user can also be the driver if required. Vehicles made for specifically wheelchair dependent people will have to be modified so that they can use hand controls.

If the wheelchair is only going to be stored, most vehicles can accommodate boom lifts or platform lifts attached to the hitch. Wheelchair vehicles of any kind will greatly improve the lifestyle of the wheelchair user and their family.


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