So you are currently looking for a low or no cost electric wheelchair to help you get around. It used to be very difficult to qualify for a low priced or free chair. Nowadays you can easily get a power chair to suit your needs by looking on the Internet. There are so many different choices out there that it can be a bit overwhelming to shop for an electric chair.

Some people have trouble deciding if they should purchase online, after all, they would like to see the chair in person before purchasing. It is always a good idea to check product reviews to get a balanced idea of what people think about a particular chair.

In-Home Trials for Power Chairs

There are some companies that offer in-home trials to consumers; this would allow the person who will be using to try it out first hand before deciding on the purchase.

Based on your current medical condition, you will be assigned a type of power chair that is most suitable for your needs. The most basic power chair would be an electric scooter. The only thing a scooter does is to get you around with the use of a joystick. There are other power chairs that include specific features for medical conditions.

Do you NEED a Power Wheelchair?

Our power standing wheelchairs catered to some individuals who require the assistance of a battery to stand up. This is when they can no longer do it on their own, or they require a caregiver to do everything.

More than likely you will be assigned a manual wheelchair, if you cannot use a manual wheelchair by yourself or with the help of a caregiver, then that is when you will moved up to a battery assisted chair. This can be determined by your doctor or an ATP agent that can size you up for your potential chair.


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